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Solara embodies a vision of transformative impact and financial opportunity on the Solana network. Our mission is twofold: to facilitate meaningful change in the world while providing our investors with the potential for financial growth.

Know about SOLARA

At Solara, we believe that investment and altruism can coexist harmoniously. Our platform not only offers the opportunity for financial returns but also the chance to contribute to global betterment. Join us in our commitment to creating a positive impact through innovative blockchain technology on the Solana network.

Furthermore, we are dedicated to making a significant difference by allocating a substantial portion of our profits to carefully selected charitable organizations. This commitment extends to the thoughtful distribution of our locked supply, where 5% is designated specifically for charity. Each charity receives an equal portion, reinforcing our commitment to diverse causes. Our approach is unique in that it empowers our investors to actively participate in the decision-making process, allowing them to have a direct impact on where and how these funds are utilized.

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How to Buy $SOLARA

Crate Solana wallet(Phantom or Solflare)

Go to Raydium or Jupiter

Change Solana for $SOLARA

Key Features SOLARA

Solara for charity

Solara wants to support the community charitably, 5% of the supply will be allocated for charitable purposes. The community will decide when and for what purpose it will be used.

All Supply For Community

The supply is allocated for the community. The team doesn’t have a single percent for themselves. Most of the tokens are designated for presale.

Decentralized Governance

Community members have a voice in shaping the future of SOLARA through decentralized governance, ensuring a fair and transparent ecosystem.



Phase 1
  • Cresting CA
  • Cresting Social media
  • Creating community
Phase 2
  • Presale
  • Conducting an audit with Freshcoin
  • Working on partnerships
Phase 3
  • Listing on dex
  • Listing on BitMart
  • Listing on CoinGecko and CoinMarketCap
  • Marketing
Phase 4
  • Charitable donation
  • Listing on more CEX
  • Roadmap v2

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